Sustainability is an Attitude

Think, Live and Feel Sustainability

Rio de Janeiro 2016

Our festival in 2016

Between 24 and 27 November of 2016, Rio de Janeiro will receive the third Green Nation Festival. The aim is to create awareness about the importance of sustainability as the new paradigm of business and society. The event will bring sensory installations, presentations by national and international experts and exchange to think, live and feel sustainability.

The festival will show that new environmental relations and innovation must be part of everyday business and life. After all, the existence of economic and social capitals is only possible if the natural capital is saved and preserved. Build awareness through experimentation and presentation of new innovation models in business and social connections is critical to generate a real revolution where sustainability is not a concept, but an attitude.

This third edition will also place on the agenda the challenge to innovate the look at the transitions that make up sustainability. It will present the need to review concepts, technologies and positioning to ensure the existence of all kind of life in the planet. And will show that a new society will only happen from the understanding that all have innovative role to play in the future of the world.

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